Living Fossils

  • Posted on 30th June 2015,
  • written by


A sketchbook page about living fossils.

“Everything is supposed to go to hell at around 2050-2100, right? Or, everything is really gonna change at least. Maybe the East Coast is gonna flood, maybe the West will dry up. One time I saw a map depicting climate shift in the Midwest and the South, and in the next few decades, Michigan’s gonna have the climate that Arkansas does now. I’ll be an old lady when the world population is supposed to peak at 12 billion or so. I guess that means I’ll see it all shift, a lot of it shrivel, but I probably won’t get to be around to find out whether we pull out of this or not. But maybe that’s how every generation feels when the start to realize they are finite. I like to draw plants because who knows which ones are gonna be around for the long haul? Plant families with hundreds of members could end up with only one, living fossils like ginkgo, who had lots of relatives in a different age, but is unique now. Who knows which plants won’t have any fossils at all, living or conventional? And, I guess, who knows what plants will like our Brave New World and will pop into existence sometime later?”