• Posted on 7th August 2018,
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Visual representation of The Krell Machine Reborn by Alani Vierra.

Sound // patterns of light // tentacle cords reaching, wrapping, forming tunnels connecting analog latitudes and longitudes in loping semicircles // intermittent interaction with the machine, fingers from the mothership // the sum of the parts ballooning, shrinking, gaining, careening down clint mansell hallways // pyramidal luminous flux in the foreground // End



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Going Extinct Tickles

  • Posted on 5th December 2015,
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After reading this Barthes line, my imagination went nuts, splashing his words with watercolor and building the following scene:

‘Rescind yourself,’ life mandates in its soothing, raspy voice.
‘No,’ you respond, firmly.

The bottom of your feet start to tickle. You feel extinction’s eraser working softly.… Read More

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