We Come In Peace

  • Posted on 31st August 2017,
  • written by
We Come In Peace

These star people have wildly different countenances. Each of their hearts fires with an alien biology. Beat, offbeat, eagerness, agony. This strand is a nod to all of us aliens, living together. Bound to all the other extrapolations of life throbbing elsewhere in the cosmos. Order your own set of lights.



We are a pack of dominos, so lean on me, whether you are strong or not; lean on me so I can lean on her and she can lean on him and we can all go toppling over into the chasms together. And down there, in the void’s trough, climb on my shoulders. And tell me what is yet to come. Call out, to them over there, ask them to become part of this growing ladder. And when we get out, and things go sour, let us be core-seeking ostriches. Because, when the world disrobes, and we see its bony shoulders…to be witness to its nausea-producing morbidity…oh it’s more than I can handle! Sometimes. Off this alien goes, to sniff out the purest iron, to burrow down to molten seas, to go up like a paper moth.