Teeny Ziney – A Concern for the Future

  • Posted on 14th October 2014,
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Teeny Ziney – A Concern for the Future

Part two in what is so far a two-part series of really, really small zines. I wanted to make something out of paper scraps, and also like the idea of impractically small things, like those bibles you need a magnifying glass to read or when people write on rice or the little figurines for model trains. This isn’t my usual zine-making process, but I’m into it: the whole thing was drawn/glued/stitched together, then scanned so copies can be made. It allows for some weird stitch-inception, with the 2-D scanned stitching becoming part of the image sitting right next to the real-life, second stitching. It’d be cool to keep scanning each edition, letting the quality of the image degrade and the layers pile up.

Click here to check it out in the shop. If you’re reading this and make zines, contact us, we love to trade!

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