Landscapes of the Future, Part 1

Landscapes of the Future, Part 1

Probably the weirdest part about being part of a civilization is that we just keep improving on the way we do everything without ever really evaluating those improvements. Maybe that’s why we’re constantly sort of wondering if prehistoric times were purer and better. Do you other creatures do this too? (Aliens and/or animals and/or everything.)


These are a few of the photos I shot on film while we were dicking around in Colorado last year. My Minolta has a bunch of quirks to it that sometimes make sweet light leaks and other weird overexposure effects. I like them because they look like blinking in the daytime or sunspots or really soft atomic explosions.


The landscapes of the West have simultaneous and conflicting effects on me. There’s this nostalgic/Americana quality to them, in that family-vacation-to-the-Grand-Canyon sort of way.


All that Big Sky stuff, the beauty and wonder of Nature, you know. But there’s this wasteland vibe to all of that openness┬áthat makes me daydream of people-less landscapes of the far-off future.


Once you start thinking about the times after people, it’s easy to start thinking of the time before people. Landscapes as constants.


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