Tasting Radish Venom

  • Posted on 26th January 2016,
  • written by

You witnessed their gathering perched in a distant tree. Fear and joy commingled in the pit of your stomach like the communion of honey-silk and radish-venom.



A strange pollen drifted outward from that circle of beings. It floated in a heavy, sagging stream toward your perch.Your head grew dizzy as the electrochemistry of your body surged and flared; the pH of your fervent skin climbed to dash the hopes of opportunistic microbes.

No one spoke, yet much was discussed. Their voices, if you could call them that, were things that softly scratched, that made tiny etchings on your soul’s scroll. Yet as you continued your voyeurism their voices grew clearer to your excited focus. You were enthralled with the beauty of their celestial chirping; your body’s sensors let down their guard; by the time your body detected the cacophony of non-self chemicals it was far too late for you.

Your immune system fell into its old habits, commanding your heart to beat the drum of war. The impending dawn began to wash the scene away; the fresh light filled your body with a sudden intention to move. Yet you were as stiff as ice, as still as stone. One of the beings began to walk toward you. Your thoughts combusted. Death nibbled on your toes. You felt new. You detested the weight of armor. You threw yourself from the tree; or did you climb higher? You screamed as you fell. You roared as you rose. You called out in fear, publishing your lies in one fell swoop.

The sudden eruptions in your brain, the discharges, the cessation. You seized. You ceased. You were teased. Now you too do as you please.