Tasting Radish Venom

  • Posted on 26th January 2016,
  • written by

You witnessed their gathering perched in a distant tree. Fear and joy commingled in the pit of your stomach like the communion of honey-silk and radish-venom.



A strange pollen drifted outward from that circle of beings. It floated in a heavy, sagging stream toward your perch.Your head grew dizzy as the electrochemistry of your body surged and flared; the pH of your fervent skin climbed to dash the hopes of opportunistic microbes.… Read More

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Aliens Don’t Always Wear Hats

  • Posted on 14th December 2015,
  • written by

Hatless. Two antennae poking from a gaseous head. A body of spent molecules. This being moves like a dead flower. ‘Come a little closer,’ the alien says in its voice of shattering ivory pipes.


You take a couple steps toward the voice.… Read More

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Fiber Web

  • Posted on 7th October 2015,
  • written by


The strangeness of materials, how molecules get moved around and re-stirred and stuck with other molecules to make new things that have new jobs that take up space and perform certain duties. Paper is trees and glass is sand and a human hair is stronger than steel but buildings are not made out of hair beams.… Read More

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