Death Talk at Moonsugar Gate

  • Posted on 11th February 2016,
  • written by

Zebulun’s comet flashes like a derailed pendulum. A hot stone mad with joules.


The vast temple in the void. A slow tomb full of elegant regret. The portal is always open, is always closed. The whistle of space being compressed. We believe danger dances most truthfully when death closes its eyes before throwing the dart.… Read More

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Tasting Radish Venom

  • Posted on 26th January 2016,
  • written by

You witnessed their gathering perched in a distant tree. Fear and joy commingled in the pit of your stomach like the communion of honey-silk and radish-venom.



A strange pollen drifted outward from that circle of beings. It floated in a heavy, sagging stream toward your perch.Your head grew dizzy as the electrochemistry of your body surged and flared; the pH of your fervent skin climbed to dash the hopes of opportunistic microbes.… Read More

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Aliens Don’t Always Wear Hats

  • Posted on 14th December 2015,
  • written by

Hatless. Two antennae poking from a gaseous head. A body of spent molecules. This being moves like a dead flower. ‘Come a little closer,’ the alien says in its voice of shattering ivory pipes.


You take a couple steps toward the voice.… Read More

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Fiber Web

  • Posted on 7th October 2015,
  • written by


The strangeness of materials, how molecules get moved around and re-stirred and stuck with other molecules to make new things that have new jobs that take up space and perform certain duties. Paper is trees and glass is sand and a human hair is stronger than steel but buildings are not made out of hair beams.… Read More

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