Going Extinct Tickles

  • Posted on 5th December 2015,
  • written by


After reading this Barthes line, my imagination went nuts, splashing his words with watercolor and building the following scene:

‘Rescind yourself,’ life mandates in its soothing, raspy voice.
‘No,’ you respond, firmly.

The bottom of your feet start to tickle. You feel extinction’s eraser working softly.… Read More

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Living Fossils

  • Posted on 30th June 2015,
  • written by


A sketchbook page about living fossils.

“Everything is supposed to go to hell at around 2050-2100, right? Or, everything is really gonna change at least. Maybe the East Coast is gonna flood, maybe the West will dry up. One time I saw a map depicting climate shift in the Midwest and the South, and in the next few decades, Michigan’s gonna have the climate that Arkansas does now.… Read More

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Apex Predators of the Metaphysical Food Chain

  • Posted on 15th June 2015,
  • written by

Bend an ear while I spin you some yarn, of a plumed migration.
mA migration akin to the battalions of ten-thousand buffalo in ways of raw clout, but one far more sinuous in spirit. This migrating parade of a trillion feathers is a cunning streak of dashing hue.… Read More

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