A Zine About Kombucha

  • Posted on 27th January 2016,
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A Zine About Kombucha

A zine about fermentation and brewin some witches brew. Check it out in the shop here.

Every time you brew kombucha, a new layer of cultures multiplies, grows into a disk on top of a disk on top of a disk. This is magic to me – a process of repetition that gives you bounty to share. Evangelizing scobys. Every time a batch of cultures gets passed along, there’s a chance that another person will follow through and make some tea of their own. Some people never get around to it, some people do. I made a zine in the hopes that more people might fall into the second group.

I think a lot of folks are creeped out by kombucha, so it’s got good information about what exactly kombucha is, why people believe it has such powerful properties, and what exactly is valuable about adding probiotic foods into your diet. Most importantly, it’s got step-by-step instructions on how to brew your own, because those fuckers cost $4 a bottle at the store, and while that’s cool if that’s your jam, the benefits that this drink can provide shouldn’t be accessible to anyone who wants to soak them in.

Hopin’ this is going to be the first of a series of zines working within the self-reliance theme. Itching for a gardening one next, keep an eye out.

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