A Matter of Scale

  • Posted on 16th March 2016,
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A Matter of Scale

Sometimes I feel dizzy when I watch groups of people on bicycles, at least when they’re getting on the ferry. It never happens when I’m in that position myself. Vertigo exemption. When you’re on a bicycle on a boat you are grappling with three layers of movement, bike, sea, planet. When you’re in it, you don’t feel it. Like when a plane is in the sky and it’s ripping through the atmosphere from one vantage point, and just hovering from the perspective of the passengers. A matter of scale, a matter of position. If you get far enough away from Earth, would its spinning give you nausea?


I like to vacuum out the crevices between the floorboards, destroying little universes, tending boring gardens. Knocking over tiny bicycles. I like to alternate which eye is closed while looking at the same object, exercising parallax, distorting objects in my field of vision. Pretending to be a camera lens, which is pretending to be something that was modeled off of the body part that’s doing the pretending.